We NEED Judges

    Good morning or, depending on when you read this, good afternoon...

    Our first meet's just around the corner and we have a desperate need for a head judge and for judges.  Please take a look at your calendars and consider volunteering to be one of the Barracuda judges.  If interested please let me know ASAP, especially if you'd like to take on the head judge role, so that we can get that info the the league.  All judges, even the vets, will have to attend one of the clinics listed below...

    Tues 5/28 7:45 PM Ashford South Pool 12550 Westella

    Wed 5/29 7:45 PM South Briar Pool 1708 Crystal Hills

    Sat 6/1 12 PM(ish) Ashford South Pool directly following 8U Meet

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