Cuda News: Week of June 10

      Greetings Barracudas! We have a big week below for all the updates:


    • Meet set-up tonight 8PM - come for an evening swim and join us for meet set up. The more volunteers that faster we are done!
    • Speaking of volunteers, if you haven't already done so, please sign up to volunteer during tomorrow's meet - there are still a few spots left to be filled. Just click the green button on the homepage.

    MONDAY: Meet @ South Briar vs. Ashford Whales

    • No morning practices!
    • Arrive at 1:15, immediately check in with our Tent Monitors (Amy Hulsey and Natalie Wadhwa).
    • Park at Briarwood School on Whittington; our pool lot is reserved for coaches and meet officials.
    • Click here for more details about what to expect and what you should bring.
    • During the meet, swimmers should remain in the tent area with their age-groups so they can easily be lined up when it is their turn to swim. If your swimmer must briefly leave the tent area, please inform the Tent Monitors.
    • Before leaving at the end of the meet, check-out with the Tent Monitors and make sure you collect all of your belongings and throw away your trash.
    • The team will meet for dinner in front of the neighborhood on Westheimer (Freebirds, Top It, Five Guys, etc.)


    • Stroke Clinics start this week for $10 per swimmer.
    • The freestyle stroke clinic is on Tuesday at 11:00.
    • Visit our website to sign up and check future clinic dates. Each Stroke Clinic will focus on one specific stroke/skill.
    • Space is limited to only 10 swimmers! These small group sessions are for swimmers interested in becoming faster and more efficient with their strokes. Barracudas will learn how to fine-tune their technique and improve their times. These clinics are for swimmers who can ALREADY swim and compete in that stroke.
    • If your swimmer would like to learn HOW TO swim a particular stroke properly, then please sign up for 1-on-1 private swim lessons with one of our experienced coaches (see the coaches section of our website).


    • Our Swim-a-Long is on Wednesday during practices! Hopefully your swimmers have been busy getting pledges and sponsors.
    • All swimmers who raise at least $25 will receive a Barracuda bag tag. Awards will be given to the Barracudas who raise the most money and swim the most laps.
    • All funds raised will be used for the installation of safer, more permanent backstroke flags at our pool.

    Last but not least, a big THANK YOU to Priscilla Crosser and Tiffany Jones for an awesome Kick-Off Party Friday night!! And, congratulations to our 8 & Under Barracudas for swimming their fastest yesterday. We are looking forward to more fast times tomorrow!

    See you at the pool!

    Lee-Ann Hall &
    Jason McCann

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